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Roof Racks

Get all the space you need inside your car by shifting a load of luggage on the roof racks. Wheels n Bits brings to you an ergonomic design range of roof racks that are exceptionally designed for your vehicles. These roof racks are designed to offer a custom fit and hold all your belongings securely. From roof racks to fit running rails or roof racks for roof rails, Wheels n Bits have everything you need. The array includes premium products specially designed for top-notch brands including BMW, Audi, Chevrolet, Hyundai, Isuzu, Ford, Honda, Maruti, Jeep, Jaguar, Mercedes, and more. With maximum weight-bearing capacity, the Wheels n Bits collection of roof racks are available in various designs including gutter-less roof rack, fixed point roof racks, InterGrated roof racks, raised rail bars roof rack, and T-profile fixed roof racks. Wheels n Bits roof racks are an ideal addition to your cars, maximizing the luggage carrying capacity without compromising on your seating space.