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Cree Led Rechargeable Torch Spot lamp Lantern 5 Million Candle Power 3-4 hours

Cree Led Rechargeable Torch Spot lamp Lantern 5 Million Candle Power 3-4 hours

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Wheels N Bits 5 Watt Cree rechargeable Torch spot lamp 5 million candle power 

Wheels N bits 5 million candle power torch with 600 metre beam comes with the latest technology in Cree LED's Bulb's  it gives the equivalent of 150 Watts of halogen power 

Key feathers on the Wheels N Bits 5 million 5 watt Cree torch are 

5 Watt Cree torch super bright long life Bulb 

600 metre Light range (tested at dark )

Red flashing led light on rear with separate switch so both lights can function at once

Retractable Bracket for tilting when setting on ground or floor. 

UK main an 12 volt power point adapters included 

On of light switch on the handle easy to simply turn off an on. ( Might no seem much but many you now have to press 10 times as it does different functions ) 

4 Hour discharge time extremely good when considering the light this lamp gives. Old halogen version less than 10 minutes on charge and 3 time the weight. 

( Tested by wheels N Bits charge an discharged three time 2.45 minutes average time on main beam )

Please note that candle power is not a true power to be counted on any torch as how can it be eg how big is candle, what does the candle burn of, how much oxygen is the air, ( Chinese rating Who has ever lite so many candles :) has become industry standard though :(  So the truth is it is 5 watt Cree which equals 150 watt halogen about 3 car head lights with up to 600 metre beam.

We gave this lamp to a local hunting club to test they couldn't believe it was less than £50 quid to buy an how long it lasted on the battery ( 1 night hunting ) Not on all the time though a good 2 hours  of though.  The key points they liked not to heavy, long beam easy 200 metre focused beam could pin point a branch in a tree no problems , They where looking at live stock in a local farmers field at a good 500 metre's they had a torch that cost over £300 quid an had a battery pack that couldn't light as far.

Perfect for hunting , farming , search an rescue , ETC ETC 

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Additional Info

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