Mud Flaps to fit Audi A1, A2, A3,A4,A6,A8 TT Mudflaps Splash Guards hoops

Universal fitting mudflaps for front or Rear Free UK Shipping

You are buying / biding on a set of 2 front or rear mudflaps that are universal fitment.

These are not factory oe fitment and are not moulded mudflaps.

These mudflaps comes complete with fitting screws which in most case are ready to be screwed straight onto the car.

Mudflaps is 22cm wide and 38cm long at longiest point.

How to fit & checks before you buy

Firstly check to see if you have around a 10mm flat surface to screw to on the rear bumper arch or front arch

If you do then these mudflaps will just simply screw on but you may need to bore guide hole.

Please note if arches are rolled and you don€™t have a 10mm sure face to screw to then you will need to use clips for fitting.

These can be bought in any motor factors.

1 First thing to do when fitting is line the mudflaps to the edge of bumper or arch tap in place.

2 If you need to bore guide holes for screws you will need to do this now.

** note : with larger rear wheels you may need to take these off to fit rear mudflaps for the wheels on the front you should be fine as you can lock the steering for fitting.

3 Now screw into place and make sure they line up correctly now remove tap and job is done.

Please note to do the front and rear of the car you will need to buy to 2 of these mudflaps.

The size of the mudflaps are:


Length on outside - 380mm
Width - 220mm
Length of flap that can hang below arch or bumper is 165mm this can be adjusted to suit yourself on fitting.